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108 Old Mc Cloud Road, Mt Shasta CA 530-235-6222

" watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak ." ~Hopi Indian Saying

Our Classes

Musical Theatre

This class will teach young actors the many facets of the art of theatre...including scene study, character development, stage presence, audition technique, improvisation and more. Class size is limited to 10 students.


Tap Dance is a true American art form. Students will learn basic steps along with rhythm, percussion and movement.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical is a mix of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance focusing on storytelling through movement.

Classical Ballet

Barre, Centre floor and across the floor exercises will educate dancers in basic ballet technique and graceful, expressive choreography.

Pre Ballet

A soft introduction to dance for little ones...incorporating songs, rhythms, storytelling and simple choreography.


Traditional Irish step-dancing will be taught in this fun and energetic class. Ghillies...traditional Irish shoes are recommended for all dancers.

Hip Hop

Explore jazz and hip-hop styles in this fun class.  We will learn basic techniques and how to express ourselves through movement.   This is a beginning class where we will work on rhythm, coordination, balance, and flexibility.


This high energy workout class is taught by local favorite Carola Shasta Zumba. Come try a class! Its super fun 🙂

Rhythm Kids & Jazz Babies

These classes, taught by Director-Wendy James are a mix of music, rhythm, movement and percusssion. Students will learn to express themselves within all kinds of music and dance styles. Fun for all! 

Homeschool Classes

Shasta Studios Instructors are avilable to teach private classes in your home in all styles of dance, voice and theatre. Contact the director for more information.

Boys Classes

 Ballet, jazz and theatre styles will be incorporated into this fun class for boys only . Comfortable clothes and good attitude are all they'll need 🙂

Mt Shasta Children's Theatre

Mt Shasta Childrens Theatre began in 2008 with one production a year. Now, students have the opportunity for numerous performance opportunies all over the community. Look for audition notices throughout the year. 

Shasta Studios is Mt Shasta's own professional academy of dance, theatre and voice.

Founder: Wendy James

6798309Welcome to Shasta Studios! I am Wendy James, the owner and director of the school. I have been involved in dance, music and theatre all of my life. I come from four generations of theatrical performers who have led me happily to do the same. I was raised in the family school, Schumacher’s School of Dance, just outside of San Francisco. It was the largest dance academy in Northern California for 41 years with five classrooms and 750 students each year.

Rather than stay and continue being the director of the school, I decided to pursue my performing career and see the world. In that time I have had the opportunity to perform in Russia, China, Japan, Europe and across the United States. I was in Showboat in London’s West End and the Broadway companies of Sister Act and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.

I won an Emmy Award in 2001 and the top prize at the International Dance Exposition in Prague for my jazz choreography. I am now living here in Mt Shasta with my little girl so I may raise her in this beautiful town and share my knowledge and love of the arts with the community.  Thank you for your interest. I am thrilled you’re here.

Dancing is Good for You

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Just A Few of Many Reasons Dancing is Important

Even though another career path may ultimately be chosen, in dance children learn

Source: Why Dance is Important

Dance embodies one of our most primal relationships to the universe.

Source: Standards for Dance in Early Childhood

Dancing can be a fun way to stay fit for people of all ages and abilities.

Source: Dance - health benefits

Studio tuition is $55 per month. Multiple class and family discounts too!

Events & Announcements

Join Us for the Next Big Production!


2019-2020 Season Starts on Tuesday Sept 3rd!


 Our studio’s passphrase is:


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